There are some whom believe that the slightest flustering of a butterflies wing could instigate a chain reaction that would ultimately lead to a climates change across the world. This simple yet intricate theory demonstrates the sophisticated intertwining of relativistic events and relationships and illustrates how the simplest things in life are indirectly woven and could indirectly influence other greater complicated things in life. Like a business, your choice of technology combined with the decisions that you make today will ultimately have an impact on the outcome of your business successes and failures.

Many small businesses lack resources, funding or even knowledge on what technology would best fit their business objectives and goals. These businesses will often purchase a solution right out of the box and after a short while begin to discover the limitations on what they have implemented. They are forced to adopt their businesses’ workflow to the software and are often limited on what they can do with their own data because of the preset limitations built into the system. To extract any customized data or make a change so the system, companies had to often spend more money and purchase 3rd party software or hire the company who originally wrote the program to make these adjustments. Sometimes these companies can’t even come up with the right “fix” for what it was hyped up to do in the first place.

Relitivity assist businesses to evolve. We are experts in aiding businesses upgrade and restructure already embedded technology but providing a comprehensive solution for their business evolution. We specialize in data extraction and can interface your companies important data to a secure, web-based interface that is accessible 24 hours a day from anywhere around the world. Imagine the possibilities; a simple update made from one of your staff either at your office or on the road would automatically be available for processing…real-time access, from anywhere, at anytime.

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